What Is The Wisdom Of Life?

laitman_232.06Question: How do you deal with egoism if it suddenly pops up in your life?

Answer: It does so constantly, at every second. Egoism overcomes me at every minute and throws me into various thoughts. But this does not mean that I want to steal, deceive, or do something harmful to others.

Egoism is what commands us at every moment in the smallest of actions, for instance, in the way we sit, get up, and walk. It manifests itself in everything: in thoughts, feelings, intentions, words, and actions.

The choice of one or the other, the way we speak, and our behavior is explored by egoism from within, and we must study it all and gradually correct ourselves. However, it is an interesting task.

Question: Do I need to ask myself every time, “Why am I doing this?”

Answer: No. If you study Kabbalah, you will not ask yourself questions because you will be affected by the upper light, another energy that is not egoistic, but altruistic.

Both lights influence you. They will guide you and lead you forward like how a rider controls a horse with two reins. Also, you will feel which of the forces currently leads you, with which and how you should progress, and how to balance them with each other. In principle, the whole wisdom of life is to balance both forces correctly.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 5/24/20

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