Tune In To The Correct Perception Of The World

laitman_761.2Question: You are talking about nature as a derivative of my own properties, that something seems to depend on me. Are there no absolute, unchanging laws and forces that would act independently of my perception?

Answer: Of course there are. But you want to understand the integrity of nature. And since you perceive it only in your sensations, you must somehow adjust them, change them to the correct perception.

Question: That is, I, as a particle of nature, should feel its integral picture?

Answer: Yes. Therefore, Kabbalah speaks only about this. In order to comprehend all of nature, you must, as they say, relax and rise above your egoism. Then you will feel nature not through your egoism, but as a system existing outside of you.

You will begin to feel that you exist not individually, but in an eternal, perfect total. You will feel not yourself, but the big picture as a whole, all the laws, the functionality of this system, in which everything is in mutual movement, complementation, and communication, in absolute integration.

Then you will understand what you are missing, what you must add to this eternal, perfect integral picture, which, passing through your subjectivity, through your egoism, gives you a completely distorted picture of reality.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 5/17/20

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