The Future Of High Fashion?

laitman_571.03Question: According to a sociologist of fashion, fashion is coming to an end. Now the top fashion houses like Versace, Armani, Lagerfeld, Dolce & Gabbana, Yves Saint Laurent, and Chanel whom the world followed, will have to reconsider everything they were based on.

What do you think they should come to? In your opinion, what is your ideology of future fashion?

Answer: The ideology will be built through the blows to our egoism. It will teach us to do what is comfortable for us and for others. And this will appear beautiful to us.

Beauty is in simplicity, and in something that is easy to communicate, and you feel free with, and not that it strikes and crushes, like in royal palaces.

Remark: But still, it captured the imagination.

Answer: That time is over.

Question: What is the root of this phenomenon. Why was it like that?

Answer: To impress gentlemen! Gentlemen were raised to be impressed by such ladies.

Question: How do we connect fashion to egoism’s development?

Answer: Egoism develops along with the mind too. This involves the mind, not just naked egoism. Therefore, I believe fashion will change toward optimality. We even see from our regular suits that they are becoming more practical.

I hope that the world is turning, and very successfully, toward optimization.

I think humanity will grow wiser faster, i.e., it will not let itself be dragged back into that swamp, which inventors of fashion, cars, clothes, and anything else want to drag us.

Question: What would you recommend to famous trendsetters?

Answer: To clarify that their time has passed. Let them switch to another style that is comfortable.

Everything must be done very practically, so that a person is comfortable and simple. That is most important. And praise this image. And whoever makes it the most practical, in the material, the cut, and convenience, so that it can stretch and not constrict a person. People should look and say “this person is practical, this person understands a lot about life.”

Remark: But you know that my questions and your appeal are addressed mainly to women. It is women, one way or another, who will regulate fashion and demand. They will be ignited and demand something and the race will begin again.

My Comment: I don’t think that everything will return to the same. Humanity has matured a little, slowed down. It is like the difference in the worldview of a girl and a woman with a child.

And now, as if everything is ready. We sat with families and children, and survived this virus. And now we must continue to live somehow differently, to adapt to the next virus. And scientists are already talking about this, both doctors and virologists.

So, I think that we will take a different direction.

Question: I really liked the comparison that there was a girl who liked everything beautiful, with sparkles, because she had a goal—to like.

And now she has already become a woman, she has children, a family. She does not need to like, but only to make it comfortable for the family. Even figuratively speaking, she matured. Now, after a virus outbreak, does she begin to understand more?

Answer: Of course. She gained a sober outlook toward life and the world. The demands are totally different.

Question: So the demand for fashion will be comfort?

Answer: Yes, the most important thing for her is practicality.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman,” 4/13/20

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