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We mustn’t forget that all of our work transpires in faith above reason—i.e., by the force of bestowal above the force of reception. When a greater force of reception, greater egoism is revealed—it’s a sign that we have been given an opportunity to rise above it to carry out work that is more difficult and come closer to the Creator’s reality.

Over the last several decades we have understood that we are destroying ourselves, the world, and the lives of our children, but we were unable to stop the egoistic race. Now we are receiving help from above in that the Creator is revealing evil to us in the form of the coronavirus and the opportunity to correct it by restrictions, rising above #egoism.

The #coronavirus has halted our ego-development as we were unable to stop on our own. We must discern the Creator’s guiding hand in everything—and see that everything that happens is corrections, and there is nothing bad in the world.
My ego does not allow me to see the future as long as I only seek benefit for it.

Do I see that the Creator fills the whole world, and there are no places left where it seems to me that He is absent? Because that would be impossible! The whole of reality is a desire filled by the Creator. But the degree of this fulfillment is personal, individual, peculiar to each person, inasmuch as we are ready to see the Creator in everything.

The end of correction is already in progress—it is already effective, we are in the midst of this process. Let’s expand our perception and see what the Creator is doing to humanity. He does not consider our lives, but looks at how to infinitely fulfill all degrees of the desire, HaVaYaH, the whole of reality.

Let’s try to open the mind and heart to see that everything is being revealed for our own good. The Creator is revealing Himself to us in an integral form, inside of us and around the entire planet. Nothing like this has ever happened before, since the creation of the world! We are the last generation—treading toward the initial state!

Humanity dispersed out of Ancient Babylon. Now the Creator is gathering us together, by means of a psychological blow. Let’s try to justify the Creator’s actions, understand their necessity in order to attain Him. Then we won’t see the current events as problems. We will rather accelerate our progress toward the goal.

The upper light influences us, comes closer in order to be revealed in us. We have to go through these states with its help. When life is good, people move farther away from each other, but a common misfortune brings them closer. The Creator, with great care and love, connects us together by a common misfortune.

Quarantine is a time to stop and think, to change. One who is wise sees the state that is being born. This leads us to an eternal and perfect state—to the proper connection between us, revelation of the upper force, the field of upper light that fills the mind and sensations with infinite attainment.
From Twitter, 7/10/20

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