Why Do Adults Feel A Game Is A Lie?

laitman_423.01Question: Why do children play naturally and wholeheartedly, but for an adult, playing a game feels like a lie? We, adults, do not really like to play.

Answer: But we play all the time!

Comment: Maybe unknowingly. But if you tell me now: “Let’s play some game.”

My Response: You will answer: “I don’t have time. I am busy with serious matters.” Even though all serious matters are totally make-believe.

For children, the game is a clear and conscious necessity for them to develop, to fill their time and thoughts. They feel the meaning of their existence in it. For them, the game is very important. Look at a young child who is sick and has a fever, but he still plays. And an adult is no longer able to play.

Therefore, this game that the Creator started with us needs to be seen as the most important thing. Then we will see that every moment in our lives is valuable because we can take it as a game with the Creator.

In fact, everything we see around us is played out by the Creator. He engages us in such a way that through this whole setting, through the entire world (world, Olam, from the word Haalama, concealment), and through this disguise, we will be connected with Him.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 3/25/19

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