What Gives The Effect Of Spiritual Glue?

Laitman_524.01Question: The essence of the wisdom of Kabbalah is the unity of desires, intentions, thoughts, and souls. What is the main tool that gives the effect of spiritual glue between them? What connects them?

Answer: They are connected by our desire, when we in the ten want to be together so much that we feel a mutual yearning, interaction, and mutual thoughts, that is, the manifestation of a completely new feeling of reciprocity that no one had before.

It is also not yet spiritual, but it is already the manifestation of a single field that the Creator blesses. And then we will connect more and more closely until in mind, in heart, and in intention, we begin to feel how we want to help each other, to manifest within each other, and to connect with each other.

Then, by establishing this network of connection, we will feel that the Creator is there, as if we caught Him in this network like a huge dolphin.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 3/1/20

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