The Secret Of True Pleasure

laitman_622.02Question: In one of your interviews I heard that in order to be filled with light, one needs to be completely free from his ego. Is egoism also enjoying the beauty of nature, of the human body, of pictures and sounds?

Answer: We do not need to think about how and what to be filled with. We receive this anyway and it has nothing to do with us. We only need to think about how we want to develop. Enjoying nature, sounds, pictures, colors, which may be positive human impulses, has nothing to do with the wisdom of Kabbalah, and you can continue to enjoy them.

Kabbalah is about attaining the source of life, the force that sustains all of nature and includes our universe and us. Therefore, we do not suggest that a person gives up any of the pleasures in this life. Absolutely not.

You can continue engaging in anything you wish. But if you are seriously engaged in Kabbalah, it will begin to capture you and move your interests to spirituality. You will be more interested in the causes and effects of your actions.

Kabbalah introduces you to the system of world management, the system of the universe. This is somewhat different from discovering birds singing or a riot of colors.

It is good to hear that you are already beginning to realize that Kabbalah is the source of wisdom. This science was revealed to humanity 6,000 years ago. There truly is something to learn from it. It is infinite, deep wisdom of the laws of nature, which reveal an absolutely complete, interconnected picture of the universe.

In our world, we study biology, zoology, physics, chemistry, thousands of kinds of sciences about the world around us. And Kabbalah is a single science that unites and unfolds before us all of nature as one single whole. We are in this one whole as are all the worlds, including our world, and all their manifestations from the beginning of creation to its end.

One science, one approach, opens everything to you. Therefore, this is a unique attainment.

Question: But at the same time, we do not cease to feel the beauty of nature, to love classical music, etc.?

Answer: It is all true. I also love classical music, I feel and enjoy the beauty of nature. I am generally a simple, ordinary person.

But at the same time, the interconnection of all parts of nature that Kabbalah reveals to us provides us with such a pleasure from mutual connection, mutual complementation of all parts, all laws, everything that happens, that it is precisely in this attainment of the merging of all properties, laws, and thoughts from beginning to end, in the attainment of the unity of nature that a person finds true happiness and satisfaction.

You begin to understand the extent to which every particle, every thought, every motion is mutually connected with nature eternally. Whatever happens, everything has its organic place in the system. It is actually the attainment of unity that gives man immense pleasure.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 2/2/20

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