Ten Billion In One Heart

laitman_929Baal HaSulam writes that if humanity does not want to unite and treat each other kindly, then we will face world wars and natural disasters after which a handful of people will remain on earth who will have to include all the souls and come to love their neighbor anyway.

Why don’t we do it right now without waiting for the blows? Let’s ask ourselves.

All humanity must unite as one ten and include the Creator within itself. A ten can consist of ten billion people; the main thing is that they connect as one group, one ten.

The number of people is not important; the connection is important. But keep in mind that the fewer people remain on earth, the greater egoism each person would have. That is, they would have to go through greater suffering and misery in order to receive greater force from above to correct their egoistic desire. The world population growth is caused by the growing desire to enjoy being revealed that requires correction.

The greater the number of people who want to overcome their egoism, the easier it is for them to correct themselves. If we do not want to improve, then nature puts pressure on us, destroys and kills us, but in every survivor there remains much more suffering, problems, and willingness to give up their egoism. It all depends not on the number of people but on their willingness to unite as one ten.

When I talk about what the world will look like in the post-coronavirus era, I am accused of supposedly being a socialist. But this state has already been described by Baal HaSulam and the prophets a long time ago.

We need to rise above our corporeal view and see ourselves existing in one heart. And this does not depend on the condition in which the physical bodies are or on their number: whether it will be ten billion people on earth or twenty billion.

We must reach a state where it becomes unimportant for us in what material form we live and, most importantly, that we exist and can be united by our souls, thereby providing a place for the Creator to be revealed. It doesn’t matter how my animal body lives; the main thing is that I feel as one heart with all the inhabitants of this world.
From the  Kabbalah lesson 4/18/20, Baal HaSulam, “The Love for the Creator and Love for the Created Beings” 

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