Shifting Into The First Spiritual Gear

Laitman_117We are in an integrated system, like gears connected together. This is the form of the ten, in which everyone should practically, as a sensory experience, reveal that we spin together like gears and depend on one another. Each one in his rotation determines the movement of all the others. If I turn myself even a little, I’m responsible for turning all the other wheels inside the ten. All friends are spinning because of me, and therefore, I am responsible for my turn.

I am obligated to take into account all the general movement that I am causing and evaluate whether it will be for the good of the entire ten, and only in this case begin to turn in the optimal direction and in the best measure. And not make any move before that.

Imagine that you are ten connected gears inside one mechanism, where each when turning, twists everyone. Therefore, before turning, I must take into account how this will turn everyone and whether it will be good for everyone. I am not allowed to make even the slightest movement without taking all into account.

But it’s impossible to live like that! And that is why we are given a special opportunity called “this world,” meaning such a machine that allows everyone to spin as he wants.

And then the lever on the gearbox is shifted from above, moving us to the next, higher gear where we find ourselves actually connected to one another and forced to take into account the general movement. So we rise to the first spiritual level. And if we establish our relations at this level and can spin together without leaving anyone out of connection with others, then we can advance ourselves and switch to third gear, and then to the fourth, fifth, and so on, and go through 125 steps.

At each level, we become more and more closely connected and each takes into account the increasing number of gears in the system. He sees them, feels them, and can calculate the whole system in general. And the general calculation for the whole system is the Creator; therefore, in this way we build Him, as it is said: “You have made Me.”

Today we have a problem: It’s as if we are riding in a car with a material gear, in which we are not allowed to take into account others, but we are required to switch to the first spiritual gear. And so the coronavirus appears, brings us trouble, prevents us from continuing in the old way, and obligates us to rise. And to rise to the spiritual level, we must begin to feel one another, better adapt to one another. And how to do it if there is no such feeling?

Make an effort, ask together, pray, and then from above we receive a feeling of mutual strength. The Creator will harmonize our connection, unite us, and allow us to feel dependence on one another, which will give us reason and understanding of how to arrange all this in a general form. And so we will move forward.

We need to make such a transition now. It will happen anyway, whether we wish it or not. But this switching can occur as a result of our efforts and conscious participation, and then it will be nice, pleasant, smooth, and gentle. Otherwise, it will happen through another world war: the third, fourth, fifth, sixth… Who knows how many more wars and personal troubles are ahead of us? It is better for us to shift the gearbox ourselves.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson, 4/26/20 “Connecting the World in the Last Generation”

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