What Efforts Do Those Studying Kabbalah Make?

laitman_530Question: What are the elements of our efforts during a workshop? How can we identify them so that a person can strive for them more precisely?

Answer: We always start with the fact that we had one soul, an interconnected system of desires in which each exists only in addition to the others. This system can be depicted in the form of a sphere, which is a geometric shape of the mutual connection of many different qualities and desires.

Later, this design broke into 600.000 pieces and then into a huge number of individual pieces. Our task is to bring them together.

Since we bring them together against our egoism, the power of this construction is many times greater and more intense than before. If earlier, in its initial state, the light was small, the light of Nefesh, now, by connecting through our own efforts, we receive the light of NRNHY de NRNHY, the highest level of the degree of Yechida, unity, connection.

Thus we will experience creation from minus to plus infinity, in all its depth and forms, in complete attainment of each and every one. This, in principle, is our work.

In order to fulfill it, we cannot just study individually, each with his own book. We must maintain constant contact with each other. All the Kabbalists write about this, starting with Abraham, who, in addition to the revelations of the previous Kabbalists, revealed the source of connection.

And 1,500 years later, during the time of Rabbi Akiva, there was deeper scrutiny of the method of connection. The Ari continued its development in the 16th century and Baal HaSulam 500 years after that. Today, it is in our hands.

Each time this method is updated. It is always different, and we must apply it on ourselves, try it on ourselves. This is what we do in every workshop.

It is not easy. We do not just mindlessly follow instructions, flip pages, and execute it as is usually the case in many professions. For example, I worked for several years in aviation preparing planes for departure.  Everything went according to instructions: Do this, check that, turn on the toggle switch, look at the arrow, etc. Not here, though. You must experience everything on yourself, and each time there are new forms and qualities.

This is a completely different kind of work that can be implemented only in a group. And each time we prepare ourselves for a new state, a new flight.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 3/1/20

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