Correlation Between The Correction Of The Individual And The Group

laitman_527Question: On one hand, we say that everything is inside of me, but at the same time, for correction, I need the friends, the group. What is the correlation between these two things?

Answer: The correlation is very simple. You can correct yourself only to the extent that you correct your attitude to the group. It is your personal correction. According to Kabbalah, there is no “I.” According to Kabbalah, “I” is equal to “we.” That is the only way.

When ten people connect above their own individual ego, while each remains himself, they become one whole, one group, one “I.” At the same time, however, they are ten different people, each with his different ego. Their ego is very big and it grows at each level, but they can ascend above it and constantly unite more and more between them. This is how we ascend in spirituality.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 1/5/20

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