“Who Are Better Managers: Men Or Women?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: Who are better managers: men or women?

There is a saying that states, men change the world, while women improve it.

Women indeed organize the planet. The natural inclination of a female is to make everything as calm and comfortable as if it is at home.

The case is different for men.

Men need official recognition of their power. It is more intrinsic for men to push through boundaries, induce changes, and sometimes engage in extreme methods.

Women, as a rule, operate differently. In terms of the female desire for stability, women are better suited to manage the world. However, if we want to reach balanced and continuous development, both males and females should engage in management.

The perfect balance between the two different approaches can be observed in a family, where the wife commands in an indirect manner, and the husband carries out the commands. This is what said in the Torah: “Whatever Sarah tells you, do as she says” (Gen. 21:12).

As far as I’m concerned, I would place women in all leading positions, even in the military, except for hard army execution. However, in our current conditions, everything depends on the environment’s needs. If there is an understanding that for a particular purpose, either a male or a female manager is preferable, then the environment brings such a need to fruition.

A question that envelops the question about men or women being better managers is: Can we make the workplace function as a perfectly balanced family?

It would be complicated for today’s mixed teams. To make it work, we need a group of wise people who understand male and female natures and can guide the teams in terms of how to overcome their personal gender relations, so they could work neither as men nor as women, but according to a middle line for a common goal.

The middle line is the most effective and correct cooperation between male and female forces. Also, working in the middle line is not one-time execution. It is an ongoing process that we constantly have to work on.

The personnel group would need one or two people, or even better, a designated couple who will constantly maintain balance between male and female approaches among group relations.

Realizing the nature of both men and women, fitting them into a perfect middle line, where women remain women and men remain men, but together they rise above their natural qualities, means building a completely new balanced social construct.

Therefore, we have no need to measure whether men or women are better managers, but we should learn how to create the middle line by choosing a correct combination of our actions.

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