Don’t Let Go Of Him

laitman_962.8The goal is to gather and connect in a corrected ten that strives to achieve balance and contact with the Creator, equivalence of form with Him. To this extent, they will be able to connect with each other like cells of one body and organize more correctly in order to bestow upon the Creator. Then, at least this part of the broken body of Adam HaRishon will come to life and pull the other parts after it, causing the correction of all the systems of this common soul.1

In order to reach the Creator’s palace, we need to unite and build it. The hidden palace of the Creator does not exist; it will appear only if we build it. And so, we build one vessel from our selfish desires. We all feel mutual rejection and do not want to unite. This is our nature. But if atop this nature we demand the power of unity from the Creator, then He draws us together, glues and dresses in the vessel created by Him.

All this is called the work of the Creator, but it is generated by our demand. Therefore, we must join the group and feel what kind of mutual rejection that we experience. But this hatred cannot be felt unless we have made efforts to unite and have revealed that we are incapable of doing so. By fighting rejection, we build our common appeal to the Creator, demanding He unite us. And if our request has reached the right force, depth, and number of people asking, that is, a ten, if we are able to demand it, then the Creator does the work.

Therefore, the whole work of a person is to bring about the work of the Creator. We oblige the Creator to complete this work, and He performs; as it is said: “My sons defeated Me.” Children ask and the Creator does, just as we fulfill the requests of our children. Children know how to beg from their parents, and we need to learn from them how to beg the Creator so that He can do His work. He is waiting for us to ask.

Therefore, we are going to the congress to build an appeal to the Creator, called prayer, asking Him to correct what He has broken. But when we ask for corrections, we begin to learn what our defect is, what we need to ask for, how the Creator should correct us, how we will feel the perfect state inside the corrected vessel made up of selfish desires, and how then He will fill this vessel with the force of love and unity.

It turns out that we use each fragment of the vessel, deliberately shattered to let us learn, assembling it as if from Lego pieces like children who, thanks to this, develop and grow until they receive a real spiritual Kli.

Therefore, the Creator says: “You have made Me.” We create the Creator by assembling the vessel from broken fragments, that is, from ourselves, asking the Creator to connect us and fulfill us.2

Obviously, we are unable to exit our egoism. It is impossible to do anything with it. But if we try to include the strength of our friends in us, then everyone receives the strength of everyone, and only on this condition can we overcome our evil inclination.

After all, evil was created in us as a result of breaking the connection between us when we were in the system of Adam HaRishon. Therefore, when the connection was broken, our evil became ten times greater than the individual strength of connection of each one. That is why evil in the world exceeds all the forces of good.

But if we join together with a small force of bestowal of each one of us, then our power of bestowal becomes greater than the egoistic forces that arose during the shattering, and we can provide this force of bestowal to the Creator so that He can reveal Himself.3

Mutual integration has a unique property. Although I alone had a single force in the system of Adam HaRishon, after the Creator broke us, I integrate with everyone above the force of separation. And then each of us becomes ten times stronger than the force of connection that existed in this system of Adam HaRishon. If we were in the first degree in the system of Adam HaRishon, today, after the correction, each of us can rise to the tenth degree.4

Working against the desire, we cry, we do not rejoice. It is difficult to work against the desire and nobody wants it. If I hoped to gain something, I would work with joy. But if I do not see any gain and work without desire, then I am sad.

“Divinity is present only in a whole place, and not in a deficient place or a flawed place or a place of sadness, but in a proper place—a place of joy .” It is written: “Serve the Lord with gladness; come before Him with singing. There is no service of the Creator unless out of joy.” It is so written in The Book of Zohar.

After all, this means that we want to work. If I do and shed tears, then it is not considered that I did something because it is not the action itself that counts in spirituality but the intention. And intention is measured only by joy, according to my desire: whether I want to work or not. If I work forcedly, under a stick, then it is generally not considered that I worked. I can do many actions during my life in this world and it will not be considered that I did anything. After all, I did not do everything of my own accord.

This is a very big problem; we need to pay attention to it. Otherwise, you will ask: “I have done so much, sacrificed so much! Where is my reward?” But did you really earn a reward? Did you really want to give, and love, connect to others, integrate with them? Or did you do your duty working without desire, without intention, so this work does not count? Therefore, many leave this world with the same thing with which they came, that is, empty-handed.

The Creator can only be served in joy, only if I want to be a bestower. But I do not want and cannot bestow? Right. The Creator deliberately made it so that I could not. Ask Him for the power of bestowal. Why didn’t you ask? Don’t let go of Him until you get it.

And when you receive the force of bestowal and see how the whole world needs your help and can receive it only through you, you will be happy about your every action. Everything is going well, we just lack the understanding that we need to demand from the Creator the force of bestowal, to whine and beg from Him like a little child.5
From the World Kabbalah Convention 2020, “Connecting To The Root of Life,” “Day One” 2/25/20, “We Have Gathered Here,” Lesson 1
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