“What Does Kabbalah Entail And Believe?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: What does Kabbalah entail and believe?

The wisdom of Kabbalah doesn’t involve believing in anything. Or in other words, “belief” is a degree in Kabbalah where only once one attains something, then one can discuss believing in that thing.

There is only one practice in Kabbalah: attracting the Ohr Makif (surrounding light), i.e., the higher force dwelling in nature that changes us from our inborn corporeal form to a spiritual one.

This wisdom is very simple because it is based on the interaction of two forces: the higher spiritual force of bestowal and love and the lower corporeal force of egoism, of reception. Moreover, it states that there is nothing other than these two forces in reality.

The higher force of bestowal and love controls the lower force, the egoistic desire, and everything that happens in reality, which the wisdom of Kabbalah studies, is realized in the interaction between these forces.

The lower force is generated by the higher force and is called “existence from absence.” It is like in mathematics where there is zero and something different to zero.

The higher force acts upon and influences our desire, which is completely under its control. We are desire: each one of us individually and all of us together.

We are unconscious of how the higher force acts through us, thinking that we are in control of ourselves. But, in fact, each one of us is simply a small device. We have the opportunity of evoking the additional influence of the higher force.

To the extent that we attract it to develop wisely, we understand how the higher force influences us and carries out particular actions in us. We begin to study how it operates on us, and by doing so, start developing the ability to control the way it influences us.

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