What Is The Real Solution To Anti-Semitism? – Talk With Shaul Magid

Shaul Magid, the Distinguished Fellow in Jewish Studies at Dartmouth College, meets Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman to discuss anti-Semitism and find the most efficient way to solve it.

The solution to anti-Semitism lies in establishing loving connections between Jews according to the principle “Love covers all transgressions.” What would be considered a transgression in this case? And how can the connection between the Jewish people make the nations of the world not hate them?

There are two forces operating reality: negative (exponentially growing human ego) and positive (the force connection between people). 3,800 years ago, atop of the deep crisis of human relations in Babylon, called out by a sudden eruption of human ego, Abraham found that connecting two operating forces of reality, and setting the positive force above the negative one gives us a chance to reveal Godliness, a force of love and bestowal, called in Kabbalah “the Creator.” Out of the 70 nations in ancient Babylon, Abraham collected a group that implemented his method. Later on, that groups received the name, “Jews” (from “Yehudi” – “united”).

Since that time, Jews carry in themselves a method that can bring the world to balance and let the good enter it. Taking into account the current situation in all areas, it’s time to implement that method. First, Jews have to reestablish connections between them (“love your neighbor as yourself”), and then, share this connection over the globe (to be “light unto the nations”).

If the Jewish people start following initial Abraham’s teaching—“Love covers all transgressions”—and rise above conflicts and divisions between them (considered “transgressions”), Godliness will enter the world, and Jews will have no enemies and haters anymore as they will fulfill their deep-rooted role in the system of nature we’re all parts of. This will be a true solution to anti-Semitism. However, if Jews fail to perform their role, they can expect to continue facing rising anti-Semitism, even to a point of a new Holocaust.

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