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It is important that I, myself, demand the forces to restrict my egoism. I ask to be given the force to rise above my nature. That is, I wrap myself in isolation, and beyond this isolation I ask to be given the intention of bestowal. I don’t know what this is but if it is the Creator’s nature, then may He give me such qualities.

The Creator doesn’t hear one person, but at least two, if they are united. Yet He necessarily hears a ten, if it turns to Him as one person. In the spiritual world, one is ten, united as one.
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The greater a person, the greater his egoism. Despite the disappointment, we must help each other and rise back up—not thinking about our failures, but about how to awaken the hearts of the friends. Then we won’t have problems.
If I care for the sick friends, I will forget about my own disease.

We must break the barrier, constantly ask, demand from the Creator, with the understanding that there is no other way out. He enjoys our requests, but cannot allow us to clearly feel His reactions since we would then start to use Him egoistically, demanding “give us – give us” even greater knowledge.

When we discover the inability to turn to, pray, and be in contact with the Creator, we will understand how much we need the environment, the group, unity—only inside of it will we reveal the Creator and be able to turn to Him together. Otherwise, neither I nor the friends will reach the Creator—only all of us together.

The condition, “You won’t get it till you yell,” is the process of building our Kli. These shouts, efforts that we make together with the friends toward prayer, turn into our new spiritual vessel. A new Kli above the will to enjoy is built through contact with the Creator when He does not respond to us.

The Creator stands at the boundary of the spiritual world, and we must persuade Him to let us in. He is not our enemy, but He only insists on this condition: unity, oneness, mutual help. We must constantly make efforts toward this, striving toward a response, constantly firing into this one point.

We must attack, like in war—mobilize all means and forces for a constant plea to the Creator, never ceasing to feel that He is the one standing in our way and not letting us go. We do not feel one another, but we can feel a point that is common to us, the Creator, who obstructs our unity.

Spirituality is attained only through prayer, but the Creator won’t let us do this. To a regular person, it’s easy to turn to the Creator, but we, Kabbalists, won’t be able to simply turn to Him since the Creator wishes for us to have a real, correct, internal connection with Him, one that is precise, powerful and mutual.

The Creator deliberately gets in our way. We must plead with Him, cry out, beg, so “My sons have defeated Me” will come true. We are standing right on this threshold—and all we must do is create a common request, to persuade the Creator. He wishes and waits for it, but tolerates and restrains us, suffering more than us.

The desires of all times and all creatures will gather within us, and we will bring them to connection with the Creator. We are now realizing this mission by means of a special unity between us. Otherwise the Creator will not hear us. In the past He heard Kabbalists who studied individually, but that does not work today.

There is essentially one request: we ask the Creator for one thing, for unity. We want to unite, and from the unity we will understand that we need greater and stronger unity! The Creator must do all of this, “He who creates peace in the heavens will establish #peace among us.”

Reaching the common prayer is possible with help from above. Help from above will not come until we ask for it. Our heart of stone does not wish to feel anyone else, it is incapable of it and not ready for it. The reason is the Creator, who stands between us and does not allow us to connect, until we truly ask for it.

Nothing remains for the world except self-annihilation—this is where everything is going, or to try to at least speak about a good connection between everyone… that is all we need because our thoughts, desires, (#prayers) will change the world.
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We already have the initial contact with Him, we are very close. The Creator only sets up conditions for us that get more difficult day by day, so we may reach the true demand to which He will be able to respond.

Wrapped in reflected light and confident about using my will to enjoy for the sake of bestowal, I can act. We are very close to realizing this. We need a few efforts for a request, a demand. If we don’t feel a reaction in response, then like a baby, we start demanding it.
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