Male And Female, Part 6

laitman_423.01What Do We See in Other People?

Question: Today, more and more people can live without a family. However, nobody has completely cancelled the family yet.

From the point of view of the perception of reality, Kabbalists advise learning not to see negative qualities in one’s spouse that, in fact, do not belong to him or her, but to understand that they are caused by my attitude to him or her. How can we apply this principle in practice?

Answer: It is written in many sources that a person sees nothing outside of himself but his reflection in others. That is, I never see the qualities of another person or even animals, plants, or anything at all.

I always see the imprint of my qualities on any object, and especially on the one that is in front of me that I live with. It is natural. Thus, we need to take this into account.

Remark: I do not think that people perceive this naturally.

My Comment: Everyone can agree with this, but they cannot live with this. Theoretically, we all agree.

Question: And then what? How can we really approach this?

Answer: Then it does not work out. Let’s put this question aside for now and later we will see that there is one solution for all these problems.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 12/31/18

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