70 Nations Of The World—Spiritual And Historical Interpretation

laitman_600.04Question: In Kabbalah there is the concept of 70 nations of the world. Where does the number “70” come from?

Answer: It comes from the fact that spiritual roots form corresponding consequences in our world.
Zeir Anpin is composed of seven Sefirot, and each Sefira of ten, which totals 70.

Question: Kabbalists wrote that our desires, from a spiritual point of view, are divided into 70 nations. But if we begin to study historically, could it be different, not necessarily 70?

Answer: No. Josephus Flavius has confirmation of this; after all, he is considered a great historian.

He was captured by the Romans and he left with them from the subjugated, destroyed Judea. In Rome, a huge institute was created for him where hundreds of people worked under his supervision so that he could write his treatises. Therefore, we cannot say that these facts are false or in some way far-fetched.

Question: How do Kabbalists relate to his treatises?

Answer: They are not particularly relevant because he did not write about spiritual conditions. He described what happened in our world as a consequence. But still, his book begins with the words: “In the beginning the Lord created heaven and earth … “ and so on, as described in the Torah.

Question: Can you, as a Kabbalist, confirm that the consequences he described in our world clearly correspond to those spiritual laws that you know from the spiritual world?

Answer: Of course. He described everything precisely.

Question: Doesn’t it happen that historians can distort things?

Answer: He was not at that level, and the Romans too. They just had to record everything for future generations, which they did. In the eyes of the Romans, he glorified them forever. That is why such conditions were created for him, and he was able to describe it all.
From the Kab TV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 1/28/19

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