What Gives Rise To Awe?

laitman_237Question: If I no longer have a fear of the Creator, does this mean that I am in adhesion with Him?

Answer: The question is whether you feel not fear, but awe.

You should have a state when you think, care, and worry about how you feel about the Creator. You want to prove yourself as loving and caring with respect to Him, and willing to please Him, meaning to be the right element of His creation.

Fear disappears and turns into awe, and this is a completely different feeling: higher and nobler.

After all, fear belongs to the animal level: I am afraid for myself. And when I no longer worry about myself, when I feel the Creator as eternal and perfect, and unable to do anything harmful to anyone from His perfection, the fear on the animal level disappears. It is extinguished by the comprehension of the Creator. I then only feel awe because fear turns into a feeling of His perfection. Fear and perfection give rise to awe.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 2/13/19

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