The Layer In Which We Discover The Creator

laitman_243.05Question: If a person is an evil inclination and the whole concept of good is based on the moral, egoistic definitions of our world, then how does a person determine his or someone else’s evil?

Answer: Only through the relations to each other. Your character can be anything: impatient, unbearable, you name it. The thing is how you relate to others, whether you want to connect with them, at least to become a little closer, or make some movement toward them.

It does not depend on your qualities from birth. There are people who are happy to hug each other, laugh, dance, and have fun. Also, there are people who sit in the corners and do not want to communicate with anyone. This is unrelated to our earthly properties given to us from birth.

It is completely different when I want to start connecting with strangers regardless of who I am or who they are. Indeed, if I unite with them, in this way I create conditions between us for the revelation of the Creator.

Question: So you can say that this is a good deed?

Answer: This is just a persistent action for our unification when we rise above our egoism. Naturally, we need to suppress our egoism—not destroy it, but simply rise above it until we include two states: the lowest, that is, egoistic attitude to each other, and the highest—the relationship of love, reciprocity, and unification.

Between these two opposite states, as in a sandwich, a layer is formed in which we find the Creator, ourselves, and the upper world.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/7/19

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