We Need Corrected People Instead Of Angels

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is it possible for someone who was born in sin not to sin?

Answer: Of course not. All of us have been born in sin and we can’t avoid sinning. No one expects us to be angels. What is expected of us is to realize this and understand what a sin really is.

A sin is any desire directed against connecting with others, against correcting the breaking. The common soul broke and now every one exists in a broken system alone with his egoism. I want to use this egoism to somehow use others, but this is not bad, it’s a natural desire.

Real egoism, which we need to resist and against which we need to work, only manifests when I really try to connect with others, and a resistance arises in me, a lack of desire to be connected with them. Regular people, who operate in this world in a customary manner, are not called egoists. They’re not trying to unite into a single system.

Egoism only manifests under the condition that a person is planning to connect with the intention of correcting the breaking, meaning uniting with the purpose of revealing the Creator. And it’s possible that I don’t even want this. But if I still make an effort then the evil in me or the power of the breaking becomes revealed to me. This is true egoism.

But a regular person, who doesn’t work with this, doesn’t have egoism! First, the power of the breaking that operates between us needs to be discovered. Then we’ll be able to correct it and turn it into the power of unity. This will be the recognition of evil, the prayer will be born out of it and the correction, the goodness, will come.

This entire process only happens to those who try to connect with the purpose to correct the breaking and to reveal the Creator for the sake of pleasing Him by so doing. It needs to be absolutely clear to us that all this only happens with this intention. Then we connect to the chain of actions that help us reveal the evil, we ask for help and receive the strength to perform the correction, and we reach the revelation.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/14/12, Writings of Rabash

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