Is There Any Selfless Bestowal In Our World?

laitman_608.02Question: Are there any examples in our world that illustrate reception for the sake of bestowal?

Answer: Suppose someone wants to give me a gift and brings a box of chocolates. I have high blood sugar and do not eat sweets. But I accept this gift because the person gives it to me with all his heart. But in principle, I receive it in order to bestow my good attitude to him.

In our world there is no example of true receiving for the sake of bestowal. There is not even such a state as bestowal for the sake of bestowal. Here, everything is selfish, egoistic, and performed only for one’s own sake. Otherwise, we cannot make any movement: not in thoughts, desires, or physically. We would have no energy for it. We are destined to receive. This is how we are created.

In order to begin to bestow, to live in bestowal, we need completely new energy—the energy of bestowal. We begin to receive it only by studying in a group. And then we gain the opportunity to gradually reach the properties of selfless bestowal without consuming any egoistic energy. After all, we will receive energy from the Creator.

I approach the Creator as I approach the sun: I receive energy from Him, and therefore, I can bestow. Only in this way can we act in spirituality.

This is what we need to learn, and it is ahead of us.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/14/18

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