Corporeal And Spiritual Interests

laitman_555Question: Why does it seem that when we start studying Kabbalah we no longer have common interests with our former friends, and our social life fades away?

Answer: When a person begins to practice Kabbalah, it is as if he breaks away from his ordinary earthly affairs. He unwittingly works, unwillingly lives in the family, and unwillingly exists because he is captivated by this science , which talks about the eternal, perfection, and the soul, and this makes a much more profound impression than one’s material life.

But gradually this sensation disappears, and he balances his perception of ordinary life with his impressions of spiritual life. This must be experienced.

Naturally, you will not have much in common with your former friends because their interests are at the level of our world, and yours are at the level of the upper world. Therefore, the group that you organize to study Kabbalah will represent the most important society for you.
From the Lesson in Russian, 11/11/18

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