Transmitting Kabbalistic Information

Laitman_509Question: What are lyrics for a Kabbalist? Can Kabbalists feel sad?

Answer: Lyrics are feelings. In Kabbalah, feelings always have their specific mathematical expression.

I can write them in the form of a formula, send it to you via fax or by email, and if you understand it, you can already manage this formula, that is, you can reproduce it in yourself and feel what I feel. Then you and I will have the same feelings. In this way we transmit Kabbalistic information to each other.

In our world, we can transmit sensorial information to each other, but it will express different sensations in us. Suppose a certain symphony is being played; each perceives it differently because it imposes sounds that evoke feelings in each one, and therefore everyone interprets them in accordance with their inner experiences, with their past, etc.

This is not the case in Kabbalah. In reproducing Kabbalistic information, you penetrate it sensorially, you transmit your whole self over to this information, it plays in you. You become the material that it sculpts and forms; you experience this state.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/11/2018

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