New Life 136 – The Internet Revolution And Human Connection

New Life 136 – The Internet Revolution And Human Connection
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

The Internet revolution is a wonderful thing because it has greatly accelerated humanity’s development toward a new, integral world. The Internet has broken down borders, increased freedom of expression, and prevents dictators from doing whatever they like in their countries. It brings us closer to being one united, open, accessible, cosmopolitan state with international banks, corporations, and media.

There is also a lot of dirt, lies, hypocrisy, censorship, pornography, and sales on the Internet. Our children surf wherever they please without supervision. The Internet enables a person to be more secluded and to roam the whole world from his private place. It intensifies the ability of a lie to exist and the evil of humanity is openly spread there. This is also good, in a way, since it brings humanity to the recognition of evil. It’s better that this occurs virtually instead of on the streets or through war.

Nevertheless, the Internet cannot replace true, internal, human connection or heal hearts and minds. We used to meet in cafés to talk, learn at school with others, go on family picnics, and hug each other. Today, we meet on Skype, study online, eat pizza in front of the computer, and send emojis to express ourselves. The seclusion and loneliness will lead to outbreaks and diseases because people will need a real educational network of connections to the world without tools, modems, wires, and lies. We will want to feel more. Today’s Internet is an evolutionary springboard to tomorrow’s infinite connection between human hearts, from everyone to everyone.
From KabTV’s “New Life 136 – The Internet Revolution And Human Connection,” 2/5/13

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