“The Scornful”—Internal Obstacles In A Person

laitman_528.01Rabash, “According to What Is Explained Concerning ‘Love Thy Friend as Thyself’”: “However, after all the meetings, everyone calculates and sees how much they have received from the association for the self-love, what the will to receive has gained by that, since they invested time and effort to benefit society. So what have they gained by it? One could probably succeed more if engaged in self-benefit, at least the part of his own efforts. But, “I entered the association because I thought that through it, I would be able to gain more than I could gain alone. But now I see that I have gained nothing.”

When someone wishes to say that love of friends should be engaged in for the purpose of bestowal, that everyone should work to benefit others, everyone laughs and mocks him. It seems to them like a kind of joke, and this is a seat of seculars. It is said about it, “but sin is a reproach to any people, and every grace that they do, they do for themselves.” Such a society detaches one from holiness and casts him into the world of mockery. This is the prohibition of the seat of the scornful.”

As a person advances, his egoism grows, and he suddenly feels that he is starting to disregard and sneer at the organizational principles of the Kabbalistic group. This emerges from within a person and he needs to work with such disturbances correctly, turning them into help.

Everything is only about internal work.

Question: What if a person feels that his ten suddenly turned into a gathering of the scornful?

Answer: This also requires inner work because everything that appears to him as happening outside actually takes place inside of him. He sees his own internality.

Question: So he must continue to work in the group?

Answer: A person leaves the group only if the entire group thinks that it does not need to follow the path of connection. Other than that, he needs to start with the fact that everything he sees he observes through his own egoism.

Question: And how does he work with this? By elevating the importance of the goal?

Answer: First and foremost, he elevates himself. This is how he checks himself. If he changes himself and sees that the group has changed, it means that these were his personal leads.

Question: And if he sees that he is now the scornful: he is sitting and inside of him laughing at everything? What can he do to rejoin the friends?

Answer: Let him ask for help. He may even explicitly turn to the friends to help him.

Question: Is it possible that the Creator brings people to the group and at some point it turns into an assembly of the scornful?

Answer: Everything is possible. Therefore, it is necessary to discuss it all and mainly engage in Arvut (mutual guarantee). If a group works correctly, then the scornful are only internal disturbances in each member relative to others.

Gradually, a person begins to feel that there is nothing external. He sees everything in front of him, including the Creator, and everything that he can imagine, as existing inside of him.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 4/18/18

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