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Psalm: “Creator, You lay my hand on a good fate, saying “Take this for yourself.'” All a person can do is yearn for the Creator, through the unity with the group—to the property of bestowal. And later on he will discover that the Creator has laid a quiet narrow path for him …
… amid the collective hard life.

Everyone should do his best to give the group a spirit of life, hope, and energy to keep working from a new start every time: a person was disappointed with his advancement in the spiritual work, but now the friends gave him the strength and faith to overcome all obstacles ….
…. and achieve perfection.

The #Torah is given to illuminate darkness. It performs two actions:
1. Its light reforms a person toward equivalence with the Creator, which removes the concealment and reveals the property of bestowal.
2. Allows you to perform acts of bestowal and reveals the Torah’s secrets:
…. how to attain the Creator and the state “Torah-Israel-Creator are one.”

As soon as those possessing the “point of yearning for the Creator” are united into one group, all of humanity will strive after them. Because they can be guarantors and leaders of all mankind. Therefore, its correction and closeness depend only on those who are striving for Him.

#EU is destroying Europe! The solution is to leave the EU that is bringing Europe down. It is a curse for Europe—a gathering of egoists. Europe doesn’t want to pay for defense although it is dependent on other countries and #Russia.
Trump wants to quickly move away from the sinking EU so as not to let it pull America along.

It’s impossible for a person to get himself up. But, if, with his desire to rise, he chooses a good environment and cancels himself before it—the environment lifts him up. The more he cancels himself and yearns toward the environment, the faster the Creator reveals himself in it.

If one finds himself in a group that “in general” strives toward the Creator, then his progress depends on his desire to receive from the Creator the force of bestowal through the group.
But this desire he receives from the group as well, from the envy and jealousy to their success in their relationship with each other and their closeness to the Creator.
From Twitter, 1/13/19

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