Do I Create The Spiritual World?

laitman_752.2Question: The spiritual world is real, and the corporeal world is an illusion. Is it true that I create the spiritual world and the corporeal world is an objective reality within my desire to receive?

Answer: You yourself do not create anything. It is just that you can change the spiritual world, and accordingly, its effect upon our world will change. Yet, in the corporeal world itself, we do not change anything.

You see how history is unfolding and we cannot change anything in it. Today, what we said twenty years ago is coming true because people do not change.

Question: If we cannot change anything in the material world, why do we need the illusion of the ability to act and make changes at its level?

Answer: If you do not yet exist in the spiritual world, then how can you change anything? You have to be in our world, study what can be done, and gradually, piece by piece, transfer your efforts, through the ten, into spiritual ones.

Question: Does it mean that nothing can be changed on the level of this world?

Answer: It can be changed if people want to get closer to their spiritual roots. Changes occur only through the upper degree. All control is from above.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/19/18

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