Worlds That Move Toward One Another

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe spiritual reality is above time, motion, and space, in a state that we are unable to imagine. We perceive everything with relation to time, in which we imagine motion, or with respect to motion that we imagine in time. And all of this happens in a certain place to us.

On one hand, these three parameters in which we perceive the world limit us very much. But on the other hand, for now precisely they give us the only opportunity to feel our reality inside of them. If we were not limited by time, motion, and space, then we would not perceive the world at all.

Our entire reality lies inside of the boundaries of time, motion, and space, even though these notions do not exist in reality! Therefore, the world we now perceive inside of these three limitations is called an imaginary world.

But when we begin to develop spiritually, we reveal the true reality in which there is no time, motion, or space. We attain it from our level and higher, meaning by advancing upwards, toward an increasingly greater quality of bestowal, revealing the root that moves toward us from above downward: from the absolute quality of bestowal to greater restrictions in order to be able to reveal itself to us.

But in this reality, there are obviously no changes, not from below upwards nor from above downwards. The entire expansion of the worlds form the world of Infinity, various Partzufim, Sefirot, and breakings, until our state in this world, and our attainment where we ascend up along the spiritual levels, all of this exists only in relation to the person attaining them.

Inside of him, in his attainment, he reveals a reality that seems to have been organized for him before from above downwards, until the level he now reveals. And he ascended to that level from below upwards. However, all of this exists inside a person and is felt in relation to his revelation and self-correction.

In reality, before him there were no actions from the Creator’s end. Everything was completed in one initial act of creation. And it is also something we cannot understand: What does it mean that creation did not exist and then it emerged? After all, that already presupposes the existence of some sort of time, a beginning and end? But that’s just how we describe it using our human language.

These two notions: the expansion of the worlds from above downwards and the attainment of reality from below upwards, create the perception of the world that allows us to exist for now. And the higher a person rises up the spiritual ladder, the greater the gap he perceives between these two meeting points, understanding how relative his perception and he, himself, are.

In essence, this is talking about the will to enjoy that attains itself or its creation by the Creator. All the levels of revelation that are contained inside one, single act of the Creator are revealed to us gradually, one after the other, in order to build the right perception of reality in us.

Therefore, we now need two levels of attainment until they finish developing in us by virtue of our efforts and the desire to connect them together. But in the end they will merge and the entire expansion of the worlds from above downwards and our ascent from below upwards will unite in one point of total unity, which is called Malchut of the world of Infinity.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/27/11, Shamati

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  1. Can you imagine, what difference there is between the dream world (virtual) and the real? They are like north and south, black and white. Such utter opposites, and yet, somehow they will merge. NO, THEY ARE MERGED! Like a sphere, one will realize that going east enough will bring one to west, and vice versa. One of the best of us said, I am alpha AND omega, the unification of the most distant and opposite. Infinity, is already manifest in mathematics, in pi, e phi. They are all parts of the same infinite complexity. This infinitude, is the source of unification, for if it has no limit, how can anything be outside or not a part of it? Thus even black and white are linked. All is one, behold Israel, the lord is our god, the lord is one. The ruler, the universe, the force, the thing that dictates without question. It is not a lord in a persona sense (this term lead to severe ego transgressions aka I am LORD but not you (not sie heh)), but a reality, a set, a form, an identity. It gives us foundation in the white light, which would otherwise annihilate everything. That is the beauty. It is not just infinity, for infinity contains the black point, its very absence. It is a flux, a flow, but really all is still and it is we who flow. This utter lack that the ARI spoke of, is the paramount example of utter unity and infinity. The creator is bonded to the creation, and in fact, they are one, something that has no name yet, but has been drawn as symbols. It is like an apple, a torus. It is the entire spectrum. It is blank canvas, with ink in hand, and we write every second. It is choice, it is freedom, it is the making. This reality is profound, for it is the most impossible thing, YET, here it is, right in front of us, every second, every pico second.. I was driving the other day and ran over a pot hole, it took 1/10 of a second. But can you imagine, in slow motion, all the particles involved in that 1/10? How intricate, beautiful and detailed it was… It is sublime, even the most simple and rudimentary, especially these things, in the mundane and simple, is where we should look for ein sof. The blatant example, the constant utter revelation, is what we call ‘filth’, but it is detail. DETAIL, look at how infinitely detailed everything is, and we struggle with all our prowess to even simulate 100 air molecules, whipping the computer to work when it resists and is in pain. Yet everything here processes with infinite detail and accuracy with no help or force! HOW? How many are in this very room? How many merely within my hands? They want to move, they are ALIVE! ALL THE PARTICLES! Such utter power, such utter perfection. How can this be? It is impossible and doubles back on oneself, linking one directly to the force, as there is always above and below. How can I already be one with G-d? So high and so low, with wings to fly about the ladder? The bottomless pit and endless sky? How can this possibly be? This is what I always wanted, how can this be? Yet, simply, it is, the truth is here, now, and I don’t know why at all, yet, that is okay, because I know why more and more every day. And this, is eternity. One day, this day, some day, we will learn to speak to the universe, and then we will need force no more. The particles of air themselves will delight in bestowal, in love, and will help us to understand them as we help them to understand us. So that dreams manifest, and we will climb yet higher, flow onward, forever. And in the very end, when we have all and are all and the stars dance with us. Our thoughts will turn again to the beginning, and we will bear a child, as the creator did, as humans do. And this universe will be our love, our life, and it will begin yet again, even higher. Entire universes merging, it seems like it has an end, but alas, it does not. Glory is this reality, glory is this truth, for it is real, we could not be more lucky, we could not be more infinitely grateful, for what we have been given. LIFE! Do not fear my family, for I am here with you, the upper and lower, not just me, but all of us. Together, is all we ever needed. Truth, all we needed to follow. Lies, all we ever needed to forgo. It is time, it is time at last.

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