There Is A Difference Between Corporeality And Spirituality

laitman_292Why can’t we know the spiritual path in advance and move along it just like in corporeality, by acquiring strength, knowledge, and intellect? This is how it works in science and in any material matter—everywhere except in the spiritual. Spirituality requires of us to perform an action before we understand it and even before we are able to perform it.

That is, we do not have the power to unite, but we try to do it; we have no power to understand the action, and we still act as if we understand. Only in this way is advancement possible.

It is a huge difficulty that in the absence of strength, reason, understanding, and any sensation of spiritual action, we still have to realize it. This is a serious obstacle. Any instruction given by a teacher or written in a Kabbalistic book until it is perceived in our current senses, does not correspond to our understanding and power, and therefore, we cannot perform anything.

But we do not need to perform anything; our task is only to try to perform, to become convinced of our inability, to accumulate desires, and with these desires turn to the Creator and ask Him for strength, understanding, and feeling. More specifically, we ask Him to help us perform the action. I do not ask for anything more than the ability to perform what is placed on me.

The problem is that one has to go against one’s mind and heart, above reason and feeling. I feel rejection from my friends, but I must unite with them. In my mind I understand that I should do the exact opposite of what the teacher is talking about, but at the same time, I am ready to follow his instructions like a small child who instinctively obeys his parents.

This is called faith above reason. The difference between corporeality and spirituality is that in spirituality we have absolutely no opportunity to be guided by our own mind and sensations. On the contrary, you need to rejoice in going above reason and feelings. After all, if you act according to reason and feelings, agreeing with your mind and heart, it will be a material action from which nothing spiritual will ever grow.

Let’s try to understand this unique principle. Baal HaSulam wrote: “There is a difference between corporeality and spirituality: in corporeality, the force precedes the act, as it is written, ‘before they call, I will answer.’” That is, we act according to logic, mind, feelings, and understanding. And if we do not understand, we do not act. It is “arranged according to the end of correction, where nothing is done before they have the strength to do it.”

This will happen at the end of correction because our Kelim will be ready to accept everything. In our world, we make a new discovery only when our perception is ready to accept it. And so we live in a tiny area of the entire huge universe, which is called the imaginary world, because we do not do anything until we get the power to do it.

In spirituality, without any strength to act, you must try to act. You will try, realize that you have no strength, and you will know exactly what strength you lack and for what purpose. From this, your prayer will be born through which you will connect with the Creator.

This is the whole purpose of the spiritual reality: The force does not precede our action, but our action is necessary in order to receive the force. “In spirituality, however, where it is still not arranged according to the end of correction, but by the order of scrutinies, the work must begin before the attainment of the strength, as it is written, ‘that fulfill His word, hearkening unto the voice of His word.'”1
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson  11/1/18,  Baal HaSulam. Shamati #164: “There Is a Difference between Corporeality and Spirituality”
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