Answers To Your Questions, Part 227

laitman_565.02Question: I study the wisdom of Kabbalah and its implementation in life with the help of your video lessons. In the lessons, you pay a lot of attention to the group, its importance for a person and for one’s spiritual progress.

Explaining the fundamentals of the wisdom of Kabbalah, you draw attention to the clear interrelation between the physical and spiritual worlds according to the principle of roots and branches.

This means that the processes in the physical world are reflected in the spiritual world, and vice versa. Such an approach to things during the process of learning stimulates the search for analogies and comparisons.

Based on all of this, I have a question: Is it worthwhile for me to pay attention to this when trying to form an effective group?

Answer: We do not create a group, but how it gathers. We accept it as it is and achieve unity, discovering the Creator within it.

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