Shining Sefirot

laitman_275A Sefira is a desire to receive pleasure that restricts itself and opens up to bestow to a friend, that is, it already has a screen and reflected Light, a calculation for bestowal. To the extent that it bestows to a friend, it is considered radiant, and therefore, it is called a Sefira. The desire is divided into ten Sefirot that want to shine, to bestow to each other, and thus to unite in order to bestow to the Creator. To this extent, the Creator shines on them. Then, they begin to glow and are called ten Sefirot.

We can work with these ten Sefirot on many levels provided that we are able to rise above our desire and turn it into radiance, a source of Light.

Obviously, I cannot be the source of Light, but to the extent that I want to bestow, the Light begins to appear in me and grants me the force of bestowal. Thus, I become the channel for conducting the upper Light to others. Everyone has to become such a channel, connecting the Creator with others. This is how we will rebuild the broken system of Adam HaRishon—one common soul of humanity.

We belong to the last generation, which has an enormous desire to receive pleasure and which is very difficult to correct. Therefore, we resist this correction a lot, and stretch out the time.

On the other hand, this is such a difficult and long process because we are performing a collective correction. A long time ago, a single person or a small group was enough to get closer to the Creator, reveal the upper force, and achieve their correction because they were correcting themselves. Today, however, we are at the beginning of the process of the collective correction, and therefore we have to build a transition adapter out of ourselves for humanity as a whole, for all the souls.

That is why our correction is so vast and broad, unlike any other in history. It is why we have to exert such great efforts for even the very first entrance into the spiritual world.

Accelerating spiritual development is only possible through our connection. Also, it is important to know why we need this connection, as it is written: “the end of an act is in the preliminary thought.” We are living in the era of the end of correction (Gmar Tikkun). Therefore, we must make a move toward this desired state, and from it begin to spin the wheel backward and see what we need to do now. However, we must aim at the end goal from the very beginning. The widest circle at the end of correction and the closest one, with the ten inside of it, which is no longer a circle but a line, it all has to be included in one single aim.1
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/27/18, Lesson on the Topic “Sukkot
1 Minute 35:22

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