My Thoughts On Twitter 10/6/18

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The person who composed the melodies of the spiritual worlds did so in attainment of the upper worlds, the upper state, upper force. There, one feels only the enthralling, all-fulfilling joy of attainment, eternity, perfection and harmony!

Melodies of the upper worlds carry abundant information. We don’t understand it, but it starts to work inside us favorably, balancing and even healing (in the broad sense of the word) us of all physical, moral and spiritual ills. One should listen to this music as a remedy.

When we simply listen to the melodies of the spiritual worlds, not transferring them to any other images, they affect us very favorably: cleansing us, pushing us toward higher desires, and attuning us to good interactions with other people.

A Kabbalist feels forces that descend onto our world and perform certain actions in it (we call this evolution or history), but on a higher degree. It’s as if he rises above our world and starts to feel these forces prior to their descent into our world.
From Twitter, 10/6/18

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