My Thoughts On Twitter 10/25/18

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-Music’s structure includes moments of silence: pauses, inhales. What is silence in the spiritual world?
-Without pauses we wouldn’t hear anything. A pause is like preparation of a Kli, vessel. The sound of pauses inside us is just as necessary as the sounds we hear.

You “buy” a friend at the price of self-annulment. I must pay for the “purchase” with something, give something up, abdicate my ego.
I can’t eradicate my egoism, but I can change its use from “for myself” to bestowal with the help of light OM [Ohr Makif]. This is called “buying a friend.”

That’s the hurdle in revealing the Creator, since the best possible imaginable pleasure is society’s praise, for which man can expend all his energy and give up all pleasures if by that he’ll attain sufficient praise.

If they don’t give in, the markets will crash!

Save the world financial system at the cost of the USA real sector’s demise, or vice versa? That’s the financiers’ war with Trump: not to abdicate banks and the Fed to government control. Trump will win because financiers can’t ensure economic growth.

Only rare individuals aspire to the Creator, since one must give up society’s praise and be ready to be condemned by society. One isn’t ready to reveal Kabbalah and the Creator until society’s praise is devaluated for him, since otherwise he will aspire to attain that praise.
From Twitter, 10/25/18

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