Why Is My Neighbor Any Of My Business?

laitman_543.01Question: If I am doing spiritual work, why are the desires and concerns of someone else any of my business? Why should I care what my dog or my neighbor is feeling?

Answer: If I give to another, if I fulfill another, then while doing so, I experience myself as being similar to the Creator. I find myself in the upper world and the other in our world. It doesn’t matter to me who the other one is.

If I can leave my own desire and fulfill the desire of another, experiencing his desire as primary and my own desires as supportive, as the workers, those doing the fulfilling, then I feel myself as the Creator.

Question: During all this, what should my intention be?

Answer: It should be to fulfill the desire of the other person in order to attain similarity of form with the Creator because, by doing this, I delight the Creator.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 2/25/18

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