Will Israel Exist?

Laitman_417Question from Facebook: I read your posts, and I cannot understand. All military and political experts agree on one thing: Israel will exist only if it is beneficial to America. You claim, however, that everything depends on the people itself. You are either a complete utopian, or you have a trump card in your hands that only you know about.

Answer: I do not have a trump card, but a joker. It is very simple. We rule the world!

You can trace humanity’s entire history and see that we always lead. You will find out that it happened just for humanity to approach the Creator.

This method is in the people of Israel, which is a special group that has been dealing with bringing humanity closer to the Creator for thousands of years. Since bringing humanity closer to the Creator is the program of creation and this method is in the hands of Israel, Israel is the central point of the world, of humanity.

If for the realization of this method—for the realization of revealing of the rapprochement of humanity with the Creator—the existence of the State and the people in such a form is necessary, then it will be so. However, if not, then it will be different. But, all the sorts of metamorphoses that will happen to people, to the State, and the world will be carried out only in accordance with the plan of creation.

I am only interested in the extent to which the people of Israel and, after it, the peoples of the entire world will move to the point of their connection, rapprochement, and meeting with the Creator.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman,” 4/ 24/18

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