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From a global perspective, society is only beginning to scratch the surface of our true nature and there is nothing to be ashamed of because we were all designed the same way. Full article>> #starbucks #roseanne

The upper world is called “opposite”:
There, the war we fight is not against each other, but against ourselves…
We feel others instead of ourselves…
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Sophisticated modern science studies elementary particles, but can’t discover how life is born out of their unity. Scientific research has reached a dead-end. Discoveries will occur from spiritual roots. Scientific language and approach will change.
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Since our world is built upon the will to enjoy, we can attain it only from the opposite world, by revealing phenomena in the will to bestow. We will then reveal what happens in this world. Thus, we can’t even attain our world without the upper one!
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After being created, I can advance on my own through the environment. I need an environment because I can draw the “light that reforms” only to it. The light influences and changes me. I can change my state only in the group.
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There are many phenomena in our world that we can’t reveal.
There’s a boundary to our possibilities of revealing the world.
Real revelation of our world happens by attaining the upper world, by projecting upper phenomena to our world, as a result.
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I can’t feel, know or make decisions on my own—everything is determined by the upper light’s (bestowal) influence on my desires (to receive). I am the result of desire and light, and am therefore called creation. I am the way the light made me, and makes me at every moment.

On the earthly degree (ego, reason), I use the will to enjoy for my benefit (or so it seems to me!). If I use the desire to serve others/the Creator, that’s the spiritual degree. I build the upper world, and then, upon the difference between them, I reveal spiritual phenomena.

We start with individual work, but then we understand that it’s impossible to attain alone—we need the group. In unity, I build the next degree of bestowal. I check: how much am I able to think about them and about the Creator? From love of creatures to love of the Creator.
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