To Rise Above The Ego

Laitman_165Question: What does it mean to rise above egoism in my answers during workshops? To play with words, to agree with the others and continue their thought even though I feel and think the opposite?

Answer: To rise above egoism means to try to make connections with others that are most kind and altruistic so that the Creator can enter into your relationship with a friend, appear in it, and be in it. This is the way you discover Him.

You play in it, clearly knowing that it is not you. But your efforts are gradually arousing the impact of the surrounding Light and it builds new properties in you.

Question: But this often provokes a negative reaction in people. They say: “Why should I pretend? Where is the truth coming from the heart?”

Answer: Your truth is only your egoism, nothing more.

Question: What is the benefit of artificially presenting myself, let’s say, as the last of the participants?

Answer: You are created an egoist, you despise everyone and everything. The most important thing for you is only yourself, and you understand this perfectly. Therefore, you must act out completely different properties that you allegedly possess.

Why should you do that? It is so that the upper world reacts to your game. This happens in a very simple way. The Light knows everything that it has created in you and it evaluates your efforts. You strive to be great, good, to unite with others, to reach the Creator.

However, in principle, based on the properties that the Light created in you, you cannot desire it, but you try to play, and this is counted as your efforts. According to them, the upper Light changes you. This is your payment for changing.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/22/17

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