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laitman_212Question: Can the work on translating a text or other dissemination work help me go through spiritual descents?

Answer: Working with texts is the basis of our activities. The book does not go anywhere. It has an upper spiritual root. Even if it is on a computer, it is still a book, a text. Twenty-two Hebrew letters form a spiritual Kli (vessel).

By reading and simultaneously preparing the text for others, you become a channel of communication between the Creator and them. Then the upper Light passes through you. Otherwise, you block yourself and do not get anything from above.

Everything is arranged so that there is the upper one (the Creator), you, and a third person. You must conduct the Light from the Creator through yourself to the lower one.

Baal HaSulam writes in the “Foreword to the Book The Tree of Life”: Each of us is connected with the entire chain of souls and generations. From this we see that in fact the person lives for the sake of satisfying the needs of all the souls, when each of the links conducts the light to the entire chain.”

When a person conducts the Light through himself to the others, he is not restricted by anything. This is a wondrous feature because then he becomes the receptacle for all the infinite Light. He does not stop it, but conducts it through himself and therefore all the Light becomes his.

At the same time, he enjoys the fact that he adheres to the Creator, connects Him with all the others, and fills others with the equivalence with the Creator. What can be more powerful than this state? Nothing.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/29/17

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