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Dr. Michael LaitmanWhat constitutes the work of our organization? On one hand, we do inner work aimed at self-transformation performed by everyone in his heart (desire). This work is hidden from outsiders and the world, and although we talk about it a lot, it is done in the heart, invisible in matter or physical acts. The rest of our work refers to producing materials and media to circulate the wisdom of Kabbalah since we are an educational organization that mentors children and adults.

To accomplish this, we take materials from our daily lessons where we study articles written by Baal HaSulam and Rabash. What we produce becomes the basis of what is going to be used in the future as well. In fact, besides it, there is nothing else in the world that would relate to authentic spiritual work: the Creator’s revelation.

No one in our generation is working on creating a practical method of the transformation of man and the world except us. If we don’t structure this method correctly, according to its inner content and the form of communication, then we will not complete the task placed on us, our responsibility before humanity. We shouldn’t be scared away by these exalted words. Rather, this is how we must feel about our designation.

However, we can’t wait until after the lesson to draw messages from the daily lessons and send them to the world. It will not happen unless we thoroughly work on each lesson, writing notes down, analyzing them, and classifying them by topics, the degrees of exaltedness and perception. The evaluation criteria may vary, but the key is to organize the material and release it into the world.

At any rate, nothing will replace a book. It may have a different form, but it will still have text. We won’t escape that. If a person wishes to immerse himself in the content having heard the lecture on the television (or internet), then he must see letters before his eyes. After all, letters are spiritual forms to be read by the mind and soul.

Therefore, we should take working on creating texts very seriously and view it as top priority. A lesson must be written down, followed up by highlighting the key definitions, their classifications, and by using various types of text analyses. It is essential to have a well-written text to which people can refer. The more they can work with it, the more intensive their advancement will be.

We should be grateful that we have this kind of work, that we are concerned with things above this world and are not absorbed by the issues of animate existence. We disseminate knowledge about the Creator in the world, and it is good if we experience difficulties from time to time and feel uneasy and confused. Evidently, He wants us to be concerned.
From the Talk about Renewal of the Morning Lessons 12/17/10

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  1. With refinement, and evolution, the texts will become so powerful as to open the gate of tears in any person. We must simply pursue the form that causes resonance in the heart. Much like music, the powerful evocation of emotion and thought that indicates the lower world ‘the cells within us’ have heard the message of the above!

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