My Facebook Page: “Artificial intelligence In The End-Of-Days: Killer Bots For Gog Or Dry Bones To Praise God?”

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 1/25/18

An excerpt from an article based on an interview I gave to Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz of Breaking Israel News:

“It is clear in Kabbalah that in the times preceding the Geula (global correction of the world), Man is going to utilize the entire potential of technology and begin to create artificial intelligence. People will want to achieve something similar to the creation of Man.”

“In the time of the Geula, people will understand that all of this development, all throughout history, is what brought us to an even greater collapse,” he stressed. “This will become very clear in war when we see that all of the technology we developed for man’s good can immediately turn around and be used against man.”

Laitman believes that the same motives of Man which led to the construction of the Tower of Babel are also in play with the development of artificial intelligence.

Read the full article on Breaking Israel News 

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