Does Studying Kabbalah Change A Person’s Psyche?

laitman_626Question: Does a person’s psyche change when studying Kabbalah?

Answer: Of course it changes. First, he begins to understand that everything that happens to him descends from above.

Second, all this happens only in order for him to bring the Creator into his world, to try to justify Him in everything, no matter what sensations or influences he might be going through. As it is written: “You have hemmed me in behind and before,” i.e., the Creator acts in everything, either directly or indirectly, concealed or revealed.

We must strive for the Creator to always be revealed to us, so that even the worst circumstances would not shield Him from us. In reality, these are not circumstances, but our egoistic desires.

If these desires are small, on the level of zero or one, then the Creator is weakly concealed and we can be inside what is referred to as the Light of Hassadim.

There are also desires of the second, third and fourth levels: very heavy desires that take us through terrible egoistic states, yet it is in them that we can be connected with the Creator. After all, when the Creator submerges us in coarse egoism but nevertheless we do not lose connection with Him, we do not yield to any egoistic seductions, then we are in a state of receiving for the sake of bestowal.

We need to understand that before one can correct anything, we first need to be submerged in it. As it is written: “For there is not a righteous man upon earth, that doeth good, and sinneth not,” and then, in corrected form, achieved righteousness. In other words, at first, there is immersion in egoism, a problem arises, and after that follows its correction.

Therefore, a Kabbalist is a person who goes through absolutely all states that can possibly exist in our world.

Remark: These words are not much of an advertisement.

My Comment: I am not giving any promotion here. The most important thing is for a person to know the truth. We live in a time when all of this needs to be known. We do not have time for any pretty methodologies, theories, and philosophies.

Today, we are in a state where we need to reveal absolutely everything to people, and they will figure it out since the confusion humanity is living in right now is not what it used to be. In the past, the world was calm. Today, it is experiencing serious stress. I hope that spreading Kabbalistic knowledge will help us discover the real world as quickly as possible.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 9/3/17

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