Excerpts From The Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/9/18

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom the 1st Part of the Lesson
Living In The Reality of “There Is None Else Besides Him”

  • All problems are caused by the revelation of the next Reshimo (spiritual gene), but they manifest in various clothings, in the form of enemies, sickness, problems with loved ones, or with random people. It depends on the form of the Reshimo that a person needs to correct.
  • In unpleasant situations, a person feels lost and wants to run away. But he needs to experience the full measure of the bitterness to the full depth of the Reshimo. Then he enters a new degree, as if “remembering” that all this was sent by the Creator to help him advance.
    He certainly would not have remembered the Creator on his own, but the suffering affects him, bringing him closer to the upper Light. Then, he begins to understand the reason for what is happening, to feel that it came from the Creator and to decide “There’s none else besides Him.” In this way, he conquers his fears and worries.
  • Problems that frighten a person are sent in order to help him adhere to the Creator; this is their only purpose. If a person understands that the Creator desires to draw him closer through these problems, then his attention shifts to the Creator and how to get closer to Him.
    It is like a small child who constantly tries to run away from his mother. But as soon as he sees something that frightens him, he clings to her and wants to hide in her arms so that she envelopes him, as if he were in her womb.
  • Frightening problems are a great correction and help sent to a person from above to distance him from his evil nature and bring him closer to the Creator. He understands good and corrects the revealed Reshimo by adhering to and justifying the Creator who sent him these problems in order to educate him.
  • How can a person be saved from evil and even justify the Creator in the direst circumstances of utter despair when the world is immersed in darkness? Only through the environment that supports him during difficult times and helps him remain in constant adhesion with the Creator regardless of the ever-increasing revelation of the breakage.
  • To justify the Creator means to connect everything that is happening to me with Him, rejoicing that He is distancing Himself from me so that in this new disconnected state I can adhere to Him.

From the 2nd Part of the Lesson 
The Study of The Ten Sefirot

  • The degrees of the spiritual world grow from within, clothing themselves into increasingly external manifestations, like concentric circles that spread out after a rock is thrown into the water. So a new inner core begins to grow in the Partzuf (spiritual object), while the former inner part becomes the external one.
    When it grows further, the external layer of the upper degree becomes the inner layer of the lower degree. Inner turns into outer and outer into the inner of the lower degree, and so on and so on.
  • The union of upper and lower degrees is the most difficult and deepest mystery because it is the union between the Creator and creation on each level.

From the 3rd Part of the Lesson
Baal HaSulam’s “Shofar HaMoshiach

  • Kabbalistic books have always been shrouded in secrecy. Other than the Kabbalists, no one understands anything that is written in them. Kabbalists speak about what is good for humanity and its progress toward correction.
    When we are teaching little children, we don’t disclose everything at once, but we reveal things gradually as they are ready for it. First, we educate them so they can use the knowledge they are receiving properly. When we are talking about spiritual degrees that are unattainable to the human intellect and feelings, special preparation is even more important.
  • If the generation is not ready, the Kabbalistic books return to concealment. This is what happened with Baal HaSulam who wrote many texts that he later hid and some he even burned. The authorities forbade him to publish his newspaper. This was all to ensure these texts would be revealed in the correct way and time.
  • Why is The Book of Zohar so important for our correction if it is a commentary on the Torah? The Torah contains all the information up to the end of correction, but it is not explained there.
    The Torah describes the corrections that were needed for the construction of the First and Second Temples. The Zohar, however, was written after the destruction of the Second Temple, and it tells how to come to the Third Temple following the destruction and exile.
    It was written for the last generation, when the exile ends and the construction of the Third Temple begins, which is the vessel for the revelation of the upper Light. This is the time when The Book of Zohar is needed.
    From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/9/18

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