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Thought of creation: creatures opposite to the Creator, in the will to receive (egoists) must affect their correction & become like Creator, the will to love/bestow. This is done in 2 stages: from the ego to neutral state (#Hanukkah), and to the action of love & bestowal (Purim).

The upper force unites us and thus reveals new senses in us. I start sensing the whole world as parts of my body. Everyone becomes a part of me. This sensation is called a soul. And what fills it is called the Creator. And therein lies the rational miracle of #Hanukkah!

The meaning of the holiday of #Hanukkah: in unity we draw the upper light. And from there the light passes through us to the ego, and defeats it (Hanukkah) by turning it into its opposite, from being enemies to being adhered with the Creator (Purim). This is a true victory!

#Hanukkah is a stop on the path. But there are no stops in spiritual work! A “stop” means receiving the quality of Bina, bestowal, GE and immediate resumption of the work in AHP, to “bestow while receiving,” achieving complete correction of the soul, GE + AHP = holiday of Purim.

#Hanukkah is a victory in the fight against the ego, for unity above and despite the ego. If we unite by rising above the egoistic forces separating us, we enter attainment (revelation and realization) of the upper (spiritual) world, eternal and perfect.

A #miracle is a change in perceiving reality. There’s one reality, but as I acquire new qualities, I perceive the world differently. Like a newborn, I come out to a new level of perception under the influence of the upper light. This is the entrance to the upper world.

From Twitter, 12/14/17

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