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From My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 12/22/17

If the UN General Assembly were to convene today to discuss the establishment of the State of Israel, it is likely that its members would have voted against it, and possibly some would abstain.

The time has come to recognize that the Jewish state doesn’t have a lot of friends among the 193 countries that make up the General Assembly. The widespread support for the condemnation of the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is further proof of this.

In moments like this, where we clearly see that almost the entire world is against us, we should stop and try to understand why we are so rejected, hated and unworthy in the eyes of the world. Is there a deeper cause for this aversion?

According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, anti-Israelism is not a passing political phenomenon, but rather an expression of natural laws that govern human society.

About 4,000 years ago, the people of Israel were founded as humanity’s first model of social unity above differences.

Since then, they hold the key to social unity across all of human society. When the people of Israel unite above conflicts and disputes, they spread unity throughout the world, but when they are separated and distant from each other, they evoke the separative forces in the world, which repeatedly appear in bursts of resentment and hatred towards the Jewish people.

The irrational hatred growing stronger every day reminds us the hard way that we have a role. And even though we would be happy to shirk this role, it is impossible. The Jewish people carries within the social ideal of love for mankind above all differences, and only the return to the realization of this principle can eradicate the hatred of the world towards us.

Kabbalists explain that we, the Jews, determine the fate of the world. “Just as the organs of the body cannot exist for one moment without the heart,” the Book of Zohar states, “so all nations cannot exist in the world without Israel.”

Unity among the Jewish people enables unity around the world, and the separation between them also separates the other nations, essentially “sealing” the pipelines of the natural abundance that comes from unity. Thus, it provokes wars and hatred in humanity. This dynamic is what’s pushing the nations of the world to attack the spiritual root called “Israel” and try to destroy it, because it is inherently felt as the “source of all evil” in the world.

In the words of Yehuda Ashlag, the greatest Kabbalist of the 20th century: “The Israeli nation was established as a ‘transit,’ which at the same rate that Israel itself is bonded, so they transfer their power to the rest of the nations.”

The decision taken yesterday in an emergency hearing, a resolution condemning Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and calling for its nullification, should serve as a reminder of the Jewish role: to unite and be “a light unto nations.”

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