How Should We Treat History And Traditions?

laitman_202.0Question: How should we view the events that have already happened? How should we assess them?

Answer: Not in any way! Do not look back at the past, do not think about it or dwell on it. There is only today, and it depends on me.

What matters most for a person is to find out how he can attune himself to perceive the world the right way.

Question: Doesn’t the study of history, traditions, and culture help us develop?

Answer: We need to rise above traditions and culture. The only thing we need is to communicate with the people around us properly and teach them just one thing: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Everything else was invented by our egoism in order to assert itself.

Question: We don’t even need to study the history of Kabbalah?

Answer: By studying Kabbalah, a person learns its history as well because he learns about the development of the Kelim (vessels, desire) and the development of the Light that influences the desire. This is what all of history comes down to.

A certain space has been set for us. This space is called the will to receive. It is influenced by the Light—the will to bestow.
As the will to receive goes through the stages of its development, it gradually becomes similar to the Light. To this degree, the Light fills it.

The gradual filling of the will to receive by the Light, this is all of history. There is nothing else.

Remark: Since I study history at a university, my urge is to disagree with you. But on the other hand, we do not see any examples of man learning anything, making the right conclusions, and acting correctly based on his study of history.

My Comment: First of all, history is written by egoists—each from his own point of view that is beneficial to him: either to elevate himself or his nation or to make another point.

If you ask me why I need history, it is only to speak to people because I disseminate Kabbalah. Otherwise, I have absolutely no need for it.

I am speaking as a person who has gone through extensive higher education and studied many things. None of it is necessary. “The less you know, the better you sleep.” That way you do not clutter your head with any philosophies or histories. You need to know just one thing: how to interact with the upper Light, the only force in nature that can help you do anything.

For this, you don’t need to study mechanics, electricity, or computers—nothing at all.

Remark: But if I didn’t know anything, you wouldn’t be able to explain anything to me.

My Comment: That is a different matter. Of course, I am in favor of people studying, but not for the sake of their personal benefit and personal lives.

Question: So, everything depends on the intention with which you study?

Answer: Of course. The intention should be to correct the world by correcting yourself
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 07/16/17

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