Connection With The Group Is Connection With The Creator

laitman_947Question: Recently I felt terrible shame that I am still an animal body. What can I do about it?

Answer: Nothing! This is not your concern; you did not create it. Do what is required of you.

You just must rise in your intention to be associated with the Creator all the time through the group, through the friends. After all, an individual aspiration to the Creator is absolutely egoistic and will not yield any good results.

Check your connection with other friends well. Try to find an opportunity to improve these connections. You cannot imagine how this will advance you toward the truth, the understanding of what is really happening in the connection with the Creator, because connection with the group is connection with the Creator.

Now, you do not think so at all, but then you will see that this is so. If you look at a friend and see your own properties with respect to the Creator, this will be the correct spiritual direction.
From the lesson in Russian 8/13/17

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