Demonstration Of Love

laitman_942Question: Is playing at demonstrating love an effective method only in a group of Kabbalists or can it be used in any group that works together, or in a family, or anywhere else?

Answer: I don’t know what is a done in any work groups. In a group of Kabbalists, it is necessary to play at demonstrating love in order for us to draw the surrounding Light. We use the method of induction here because we are actually working with very powerful forces of nature.

When I intentionally force myself to behave lovingly toward friends and they do the same toward me, we draw the upper force of nature to ourselves, and then this force begins to build this kind of attitude and interactions in us.

If we want to be kind to each other, then we must act as if we are kind, even when we understand perfectly well that in reality we are not like that at all. But we also know that as we are doing this, the upper Light is correcting us.

Question: Is that why, for example, when you give a gift to a friend, you have to tell everyone about it and not hide it?

Answer: Of course. Everyone must be told. You are demonstrating a positive example and advertising love to the world.

You must give gifts and do the rest also. That is why when I give something, I must tell everyone about it! And no false modesty is necessary! All those are lies anyway! It doesn’t get you anywhere. Let it be the opposite. Let people talk about what kind of gifts they want to give to each other.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/11/2017

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