“And Shone Forth From Seir To Them”

laitman_937Torah, Deuteronomy 33:02: He said: “The Lord came from Sinai and shone forth from Seir to them; He appeared from Mount Paran and came with some of the holy myriads; from His right hand was a fiery Law for them.

The correction of the sons of Israel began at Mount Sinai. Before that, they were under the rule of their egoism.

It was at Mount Sinai that they began the correction under the influence of the upper Light, called the Torah. Before exiting Egypt, they were under the rule of the Pharaoh, that is, the Light obviously did not work on them and they were not following the clear instruction for their correction.

The fact is that starting from Mount Sinai and onward, the two-way connection is revealed between them and the Creator. Here what we call raising MAN is already accomplished, by feeding on the so-called manna.

The sons of Israel raised their desires to the Creator, to the next level above them, then they received an influence from there and ascended further, until they reached the entrance to the land of Israel, that is, until they acquired all the tools with which they could openly work with their egoism.

It is written: “And shone forth from Seir to them; He appeared from Mount Paran.” Seir and Paran symbolize a kind of road signs.

The fact is that in ancient times, along each road there were definite markers showing the direction to the traveller. The people of Israel moved from place to place using them like the road pillars. This means that they moved along the spiritual degrees from one state to another.

“Radiance” (Sapphire, from the word “Sefira”) symbolizes the reflected Light. They begin to work with it, that is, with the quality of bestowal, just as it is emanated from the Creator. That is, a person himself becomes a source of Light, although reflected, but he is a source.

Question: What does it mean: “And came with some of the holy myriads”?

Answer: It is very difficult to comment on the translated Torah. To do this, we must take the original in Hebrew and then we will see a completely different picture. Maybe it means tens of thousands of degrees, when they have already reached the level of Rosh de Arich Anpin, the head of the world of Atzilut.

This is the highest degree, and there the Creator already begins to pass the reigns of control to them. It is because the desires that have reached such a level are already ready to perform all the actions of correction on themselves.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 6/2/17

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  1. In these difficult times i thank you, humbly i hope, for the enlighting choices of comments on those texts, for your askings before evil and for all the light you shed on us all. thank you dear rav

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