To Not Feel Pain

laitman_293Question: For eight years now I have been suffering with a rare disorder. It’s important for me to know, is it possible not to feel pain? It consumes all my thoughts and my feelings. When the pain comes, I am completely engulfed by it.

Answer: I understand. Of course it is possible to overcome pain, but only if you allow yourself to feel a more powerful sensation.

The moment pain starts, internally focus on a more powerful feeling that would be able to suppress the relatively weak sensation of pain, no matter how powerful it may seem; this is the problem.

In principle, this can go to any level until the body goes into shock, either from the pain or from the effort to rise above the pain. However, the body still has a limit to this. We are created and function in such a way that, ordinarily, we cannot reach such a state.

People distract themselves from pain in various ways: alcohol, mild narcotics, etc. I often laid in the hospital and spent hours distracting myself from pain by finding interesting programs on TV.

This is also called “rising above the pain,” and such everyday means can be advised to others as well. I will not speak of other methods because they would not be acceptable for people not engaged with Kabbalah.

Question: How do the Kabbalists cope with pain?

Answer: Kabbalist can control pain, but also only to a certain degree. From above you are always rewarded with such states so that you begin to understand the insignificance of your organism and of yourself. It becomes clear to you that you are limited and exist under the control of your desire, which experiences either pleasure or pain.

This is given to a person in order for him to realize how insignificant he is and how he must control himself in order to rise above these states to the level of the Creator.

The Creator exists above both negative and positive sensations in desire because there is no desire to receive in Him! In Him is the desire to bestow that does not experience the kind of pain we experience. It feels pain only from the inability to give.

Question: What advice can be given to an ordinary person who feels pain on the corporeal level?

Answer: If not pain-management medication, then any infatuation, any method of distraction can serve as an anesthetic.

It must be raised in importance relative to the pain as much as possible so as not to move into the state of pain; the focus of your attention must be shifted to any other problem or personal concern, in order for that channel of pain, which is somehow triggered within us, not to engulf everything. Diffuse the pain through various channels and make an attempt to go above it through positive action.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 2/15/17

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